The need for a similar system targeted for storage and management of medical data in various areas has not yet been settled . Neuromyelitis Optica ( NMO ) is a rare chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system . Clinical, radiological and immunological characteristics distinguish NMO from other severe cases of Multiple Sclerosis (MS ) and data generated from medical consultations with patients are increasing every day. Most of this information is still stored only in medical records without any computerized support. In this work , we propose the development of a workflow for data analysis of patients with NMO to be used in the LIMS Flux. This system allows storage and retrieval of data efficiently , helping to analysis by medics. Furthermore, our tool will allow data mining related to the disease, making it possible to identify patterns and help increase the accuracy of diagnosis. This type of analysis is especially important for rare diseases as NMO . We intend to contribute to the management of information in specialized clinics in NMO , providing a system for data analysis that can help in distinguishing NMO and MS.


The Flux-MED-Meningite aims at reshaping the database of pediatric patients with meningitis of John Paul II Hospital in Belo Horizonte . The consultations carried out in the hospital are stored as records that in most cases , are filled by hand and are stored only in the hospital or clinic where the patient was consulted . If such information were available to more people , not only the history of each patient would be more organized and updated as more information could be used in research standards .
With that in view, Fiocruz Foundation began developing the project GEGEM, feeding a database with information obtained from clinical data of patients with meningitis. Currently these data are available only for pre-defined queries , without a more complex and extensive analysis.
The aim of this work is , with the aid of appropriate computer tools , extract interpretations of the available data in the database mentioned above.


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