The Observatório da Justiça Brasileira (OJB) is a project designed to give an overview of Justice in Brazil on different aspects of justice as the actors involved , the distribution of justice according to social characteristics such as GDP and HDI and a map of Brazilian justice , among others.

In Brazil , despite efforts being made ​​by the Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ) , this survey is still quite limited, which ends up creating an analytical deficit for sociological visibility. The study by OJB aims to contribute determining the distribution and location of the administrative structures of justice and relating the same with some variables that organize populaçãoe their conflicts .

The initial goal of OJB was to raise a set of empirical data in six states of the country , referring to the organization and the users of the formal justice system , so that these data can subsequently help to reflect on all the dynamics related to own concept of justice system .

The volume of data collected is significant and the management and analysis of these data is a complex problem . Currently it is done semi -automatically with the help files and spreadsheets and structures without the use of advanced data mining .

To meet this need for automation in the analysis , and manage data mining the Laboratório de Universalização de Acesso (LUAR) created the system Flux-OJB . This computer system is developed in Java and uses the MySQL DBMS as the database for storing data and OJB uses data mining techniques for analysis and classification. The developed system has a user-friendly web interface and greatly assist the work done by OJB make it possible to centralize the various data about the justice system in Brazil and draw a picture even richer on the dynamics of organization and functioning of justice in Brazil .


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